A student, age 9, writes “This daycare will change your life!!”

“My older son spent five years in Little Ones prior to kindergarten, and my younger son has been there since he was 2 months old. Little Ones is run by an extraordinarily talented and loving family, and it has been in business for 25 years. The staff is incredible, there is very little turnover, and I truly have always felt that the people there haven’t just ‘cared’ for my children, but that they have ‘loved’ my children. I consider them part of my family.
This sense was intensified when my second son was born with a birth defect that required multiple hospitalizations and surgeries in his first year of life, and that meant he had some special medical needs. The staff of Little Ones never flinched, they just took fabulous care of him (and therefore me as well) and I will always be grateful to them as a result.”
-Ezra & Michelle A.

“When my daughter, Bailey (diagnosed with down syndrome) was about 3 1/2 months old, I was screening local daycare centers to see which one would be able to care for my daughter’s special needs with love, compassion and dignity prior to returning to my fulltime job. After visiting daycares and reviewing their regulatory compliance (NYS Office of Children and Family Services website), I found that Little Ones Too fit best.
Since Bailey has attended Little Ones Too, she has met developmental milestones and learned socialization and communication skills. I have to give credit to the wonderful staff that cared for Bailey: Ms. Radika (Infant Class), Ms. Savitrie (One’s Class), Ms. Tami, Ms. Briana, Ms. Patty (Toddler Class) and Ms. Jade (Director).
Little Ones Too Daycare is safe, convenient, and financially reasonable compared to other local daycare centers. I would recommend Little Ones Too Daycare as a place to send your child.”
-Paul & Kim C.

“For over twleve years my wife and I have had our two daughters attend Little Ones’. Even after reaching school age, our oldest daughter has continued to attend the summer camp program for the last six years. Little Ones is more than a daycare provider, they are also instrumental in preparing the children for school with various programs formatted at each age level to help each child transition as they grow older. The staff at Little Ones has always been attentive to the needs of every child, while also providing a safe and secure environment. At Little Ones it is much more than baby sitting and playing. It’s also about providing a service to working families as well as allowing children a opportunity to make life-long friends while preparing the children for the next step in their young lives. The curriculum set up at each age level helps each child to learn and improve motor skills at the earliest opportunity, gradually working to teach the children some basic math and spelling. Our oldest daughter even entered kindergarten with the ability to read at a first grade level! Now, we continue to see the same typee of programs and attention given to the children as our 4 year old is preparing to enetr school next fall, and she has enjoyed every step of the way.”
-Jim & Lori B.

“Remaining a working couple after the birth of our son, although necessary, has been extremely difficult. Before our son was born, we agonized over our options and began to wonder if we would find a place that could provide the kind of care we would provide if we were able to be at home. We were getting discouraged… until we found Little Ones. After meeting with the Director, Ms. Annie, we immediately felt more at ease. She connected us with resources on child care in the Capital District and offered to answer any questions we had, even if they weren’t about Little Ones. Once we met the teachers in the infant room, we were sold. Ms. Breanna and Ms. Elaine have always made us feel secure in our choice, and more importantly, have loved our son as though he was family. They were supportive and accomodationg, encouraging Mommy to visit each day to maintain our commitment to nursing him. Now that he has moved up to the next room, we have been so happy with his transition. He is never upset when we drop him off in the morning, which demonstrates to us, each and every day, how happy he is in Little Ones’ care. The longevity and commitment of the staff, and the love of the Donzelli family for all of the children in their care have led us to recommend Little Ones over and over again.
-Myles & Melissa P.